IS KP14+

Applications to the OP EIC aid programmes are submitted through an Internet portal, the Final Beneficiary Information System (IS KP14+). This application is intended for the electronic submission of grant applications and for administering the project throughout its life cycle. IS KP14+ is a part of the MS2014+single monitoring system for the administration of European grants.

Applicants fill in their grant applications using the IS KP14+ application. Through it, applicants submit their grant applications electronically (the submission or signature of the grant application is carried out exclusively through a qualified electronic signature) and administer their projects. Applicants do not have to install any software on their computers and complete the grant application directly in the window of the Internet browser. To access the IS KP14+ portal, it is necessary to register a new user using the Registration button on the home page. Any technical questions from applicants on the IS KP14+ application may be addressed to the central email address

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