The Cooperation programme is focused on developing innovation networks – clusters, technology platforms and other types of cooperation networks. The general objective of the programme is to increase the intensity of joint research, development and innovation activities between businesses and the research sector.

What is a cluster? 

A cluster is an organised group of independent enterprises with sectoral or cross-sectoral orientation, in particular small and medium enterprises, research and knowledge-dissemination organisations and other support institutions, which aims at supporting and encouraging innovation through shared infrastructure capacities, exchange of information and knowledge, as well as efficient sharing of knowledge transfer and cooperation between enterprises and other organisations in the cluster.

What is a technology platform?

A technology platform is a sectoral group of industrial enterprises, professional associations and federations, research and financial institutions, national public administration bodies, associations of users and consumers involved in research, development and innovation in a strategically important technological field at national or international level. The aim of the technology platforms is to create, support and deliver mid-term to long-term visions of technology development which significantly influence future economic growth, competitiveness and sustainable development in the Czech Republic and Europe.

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