Potential – Call VI

Call announcement

19. 09.


Start of submission of proposals

01. 10. 2019


Deadline for submission of proposals

16. 12. 2019


Closed call

Establishment or expansion of industrial research, development and innovation centres based on the acquisition of land, buildings, machinery and other equipment necessary to carry out the activities of the centre.


The applicant/ beneficiary is a business entity that:

  • is a small and medium-sized enterprise according to the definition in Annex I to Commission Regulation (EU) No 651/2014, or a large enterprise pursuant to the programme conditions, which will be obligated to keep accounts, or tax records expanded with special requirements, or keep separate accounts for the project
  • Is authorised to conduct business corresponding to the supported economic activity which is to be carried out through the project
  • is, based on its sworn declaration, registered as an income tax payer in any of the EU member states and has been so continuously for at least two closed tax periods preceding the date of submitting the application; the applicant notes that it will have to have an establishment or a branch established in the Czech Republic at the moment of receiving the support; The applicant/beneficiary must have the branch registered, as of the first request for payment, in the Register of Licensed Trades
  • is not, based on its sworn declaration, in arrears to selected institutions in the country of its registration, or in the country where its branch is registered, and to providers of support from projects co-financed from the EU budget
  • It does not have any outstanding liabilities, according to its sworn declaration, based on its employees’ wage and salary claims

  • The project grant shall be provided at the minimum amount of CZK 2 million and up to the maximum amount of CZK 30 million (inclusive)
  • The subsidy will be granted at 50% of the total eligible expenditure regardless of the size of the enterprise and place of implementation

  • Tangible fixed assets: purchase of land, buildings, machinery and other equipment required to furnish the R&D centre on condition that these assets can be depreciated (except for the land)
  • Intangible fixed assets

  • The project must be implemented in the Czech Republic outside NUTS 2 Prague, the location of the establishment where the project of the enterprise is to be implemented is decisive
  • The project did not start before the submission of the application
  • The project must include all mandatory elements listed in the Call for submission